Throw out that Pocket PC

  • OQO

  • One tiny full featured computer. If it's cheap enough, It could be a laptop killer.


    CULTURE - Washington’s new crackdown on pornography

  • an ok article, but hey, what an great excerpt

  • "Zicari has a lot of similar questions, if it comes to that. For example, why is pornography held to a higher standard of decorum than other genres of pop culture? Are the two amateurishly simulated murders in Forced Entry somehow more offensive than the dozens of expertly simulated murders in Jason vs. Freddy or Gangs of New York? Is the difference between eating semen-spattered dog food in a porn movie and eating raw pig rectums on Fear Factor really so pronounced that the former deserves a jail sentence while the latter becomes a prime-time major network staple?"


    ROBOT - wheelchair... uhm... Legchair

  • WL-16

  • Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to watch the walking chair demonstrations.


    ROBOT - robo-nurse

  • Robots Seen As Companions for Elderly

  • An interesting situation arising with too many elderly and not enough caretakers.

    "To some scientists, robots are the answer to caring for aging societies in Japan and other nations where the young are destined to be overwhelmed by a surging elderly population.

    In one of a budding series of robot-therapy sessions at Japanese hospitals and senior citizens' homes, the elderly patients suffer from severe dementia, but their faces light up when they see the dog-shaped robot, swaddled in soft clothing, waddle around the hospital floor. Some clap; others break into feeble smiles. Urged by nurses, a few cautiously reach out and touch it."


    SCIENCE - a worm a day will keep the doctor away

  • Diet of worms can cure bowel disease

  • It says here, "Regular doses of worms really do rid people of inflammatory bowel disease. The first trials of the treatment have been a success, and a drinkable concoction containing thousands of pig whipworm eggs could soon be launched in Europe". Now if only they'd package tape worm, I wouldn't have to hit the gym.

    INVENTION - Really Low Tech Fridge

  • Simply Brilliant

  • Mohammed Bah Abba "takes a smaller pot and put it inside a larger pot. Fills the space in between them with wet sand, and covers the top with a wet cloth. When the water evaporates, it pulls the heat out with it, making the inside cold. It's a natural, cheap, easy-to-make refrigerator."


    ROBOT - aibo on steroids

  • roboscience

  • England's answer to the cutesy clumsy aibo



    the APPLESEED official site
    Get ready for some bangin clips of 3D rendered fury. I have a comic book from '88 and it I always thought it's make a great animated flick. Of course, my 1988 aesthetic sensibilities did nothing to prepare me for this.


    FLASH - I did it all for the Cookie

  • Using Cookies in Flash

  • Trying to save a cookie in flash 5 can be quite a nightmare. Not anymore. It appears Mr. K did all the ard work for you.

    SPACE - NASA to Announce 'Major' Discovery by the Opportunity Mars Rover at 2 p.m. ET

  • Yahoo! News - NASA to Announce 'Major' Discovery by the Opportunity Mars Rover at 2 p.m. ET

  • They're speculating something big. Why? "All signs point to something important in the announcement, as NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe will make opening remarks. He is typically not involved in science announcements and did not participate in the previous blockbuster presentation of Opportunity's water discovery." Oh how I hate the hype.


    FLASH - HP Flash Site

  • nanotechnology hp, flash version

  • I li,ke this site, Side scrolling with video clips. Nice and clean.

    ROBOT - Grand Challenge Update

  • Darpa's Grand Challenge ends in Grand Farce

  • Oh well, it turns out the 150 mile race turned out to be more like a technological lesson in murphy's law. While none of the vehicles came even close to finishing, they have until 2015 to iron out the kinks.

  • Robots fail to complete Grand Challenge

  • "There's a mandate from Congress that at least a third of all military vehicles be autonomous by the year 2015. The answers were not coming fast enough for the agency, so it decided to dangle a one million dollar prize to all comers."


    MEDIA - Tune In, Turn On, Turn Off

  • TV Turnoff Week April 19-25 2004

  • Show those mega media companies what your made of. Resist the urge to plop your fanny down in front of the magic glowing box for just one week and you'll have an extra 31 hrs to go outside and remind yourself how good not-so processed air feels on your face.


    WWW - Homestar Runner Wiki

    Homestar Runner Wiki : Homestar Runner Wiki: This links to a "composition system, a discussion medium, a repository" of the Homestar runner website. It's where I found the lyrics to "Ballad of the Sneak "


    ROBOT - unmanned race for a million. Who gets to spend the loot?

  • photos of the robotic dessert dash

    NPR says "At the crack of dawn this Saturday, a 200-mile race across the Mojave Desert begins. The competitors are robotic vehicles taking on the form of SUVs, dune buggies and golf carts. It's the DARPA Grand Challenge, a contest designed by the Pentagon and its Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to spur advancements in the field of robotics. The race is open to all-comers, so the government is hoping the $1 million prize will encourage university teams and garage scientists alike to come up with designs that may some day save lives on the battlefield.

  • MAC - under pressure

  • raging menace

  • Make your boring non-pressure senstitive trak pad for your Powerbook/iBook into an exciting pressure sensitive track pad for your Powerbook/iBook


    WWW - shortwave espionage


  • The enduring mystery of the shortwave bands-namely the "Numbers Stations" These are supposedly one way transmissions to espionage agents working in foreign countries.

    WWW - facts or not

  • The straight dope

  • Cecil attempts to answer everything from, "If aircraft "black boxes" are indestructible, why can't the whole plane be made from the same material?" to "Who invented the smiley face?"

    GAME - Atari To USB Adaptor

  • Atari To USB Adaptor

    "The Stelladaptor 2600 to USB Interface lets you plug in old Atari 2600 joysticks and paddles into your PC for use in your favorite emulator. While any program that can read incoming 8-direction digital joystick signals should work with the device, special software must be installed to use the analog Atari 2600 paddle and driving controllers. The Stelladaptor is set to ship March 21st for $30."

  • GRAPHICS - randypavelich.fonts

  • randypavelich.fonts

    A collection of pixel fonts.

  • GRAPHICS - miniml | fonts

    miniml | fonts One of the original makers of flash pixel fonts. When using these fonts in flash 5 or older, lock-down the upper left corner of the font's bounding box to an exact pixel. If you don't, they start looking all fuzzy. Any justification other than LEFT justification to the text will make the font look fuzzy. If you embed the font into a movie clip, the font's upper left corner of it's bounding box NEEDS to be locked down to a pixel inside the movie clip. The movie clip's upper left bounding box MUST to be locked down to a pixel on the root timeline. Scaling the font or the MC containing the font will make the text look fuzzy. I'll say it again, Scaling the font or the MC containing the font will make the text look fuzzy. Unexplained fuzzy text appears many times in my projects. It drives me nuts when I check all of the anchor points and find that everything is exactly on a pixel. Not 4.3, 4.6, 4.8, just 4.0. Then I check the scaling and see that the dimensions of the movie clip or text is 100% x 99.9%. This can happen sometimes when moving an MC and grabbing a scaling anchor by mistake. Other times it could be just magic, but it happens.

    Those are all of the problems I've had. Download & have fun


    NEWS - Where is that confounded bridge?!


  • "...Metal theft is a serious issue in Ukraine, where statues, wires and even sewage hatches have been stolen for sale as scrap.

    Just a week before the latest incident, it was reported that thieves had stolen an 11-metre steel bridge in western Ukraine, cutting a local town off from the outside world."



    this is how a major pharmaceutical company trims the fat...

    "Today we are implementing an involuntary separation program in the U.S. that will affect approximately 200 regular employees"


    FLASH - tutorials

  • Kirupa

  • Plenty of tutorials on flash 5, MX and even several Photoshop tutorials. I like this site since it has from beginner to advanced tips.


    WWW - Retro Techno Gizmo


  • Want to see what all the gadgets around today looked like 20 years ago? Gizmodo will show you.

    FLASH - Macromedia Components

  • Macromedia Components page

  • Macromedia lists several compnoents on thier site.

    WWW - New Scientist

  • new scientist

  • one of those science-type sites with news about new scientific stuff and stuff.

    GAMES - Emulation for OSX 10.2 or later

    Software: Emulation Richard rounded up some of the best emulatores for your mac. Want to run Virtual Boy games in 1950's 3D glasses mode? Sure you do!


    GRAPHICS - WhatTheFont :

  • WhatTheFont :

  • Working on a project but you just can't find the right font? No problem, this site will let you upload a sample and in in a few minutes, you'll have your answer as to what the F that font name is.

    GRAPHICS - Color scheme

  • Color scheme

  • You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but ya can't pick your friends nose. But this tricky page will aid you in picking colors for your designs.

    FLASH - are you looking for flash components?

  • Flash Components for you

  • Take a look at these. Small, compact and effective. Although there are not many, they are very useful. My favorite are zminimaltextbutton and zminimaltextslider. They are a slider and button set. They come seperate, but can be combined for some great effects. Don't forget to grab the preloader set. Also very handy.