TECH - run Macintosh on your Pocket PC

I remember the old days of wondering why my pictures disappeared from the computer every time I shut down the machine. It took a while for me to realize that I had to save them first. My first real computer experience was with the Mac Plus so I was pretty excited to learn that I could relive those experiences with a mac emulator for the Pocket PC. I couldn't find a complete walkthrough, but after a little while of surfing, this is what I found out...

Getting Mini vMac for Windows Mobile 2003 to run on a pocket PC goes like this:

  • Go to Mini vMac for Windows Mobile 2003 and download Mac Plus 2.6.1 (F) binary (32 KB)
  • Go to MacPlus Antique System and download vmac.rom, System 6.0.8 - Finder 6.1.8., MacPaint 1.4 and MacDraw 1.9.5
  • Uncompress those files and put them all into the same folder and then copy that folder onto the memory card of your PDA

  • From the PDA, navigate to the file minivmac.exe and launch it
  • Once it launches, you'll see an icon of a disk with a question mark, at that point, hit the center button of your directional thingie on your PDA and a virtual keyboard will appear
  • Tap the key called Ctl and then tap the letter O key
  • A Dialog box will appear which will prompt you to open a disk image, you'll need to open the system disk called Disk608

  • Once your booted up, use the same method to insert the MacPaint or MacDraw disk you downloaded and start pixelating

  • Here are the key commands that you can use once in the emulator:

    'A' - About - version information
    'O' - Open Disk Image
    'Q' - Quit
    'L' - Limit Speed toggle
    'M' - Magnify toggle
    'F' - Full Screen toggle
    'K' - emulated 'control' Key toggle
    'R' - Reset
    'I' - Interrupt
    'H' - Help - show this message

    You should shut down the emulated machine before quitting to prevent corrupting the mounted disk image

    Quick Warning, I haven't quite figured out how to close thekeyboard once I'm done typing. If anyone knows, please leave me a comment.


    TECH - Retro Thing has their own iBoombox sidestep

  • Retro thing

  • This week Apple made one of their much ballyhooed announcements. I don't mind when they earn their hype stripes by actually doing something cool, but what gets my goat is when they act like they've invented some perfectly ordinary thing. This week they introduced the iPod HiFi, an amplified speaker system avaialble in the usual porcelain toilet finish.

    I'm sure that it's a nice sounding three speaker system for the iPod, but it inspired me to look around my house to see if I could reproduce the same thing for a lot less money..

    Digisette MP3 Player


    TECH - UPS meaty style stylus

    UPS stylus
    UPS man was kind enough to let me keep this awesome stylus. The one I lost for my DELL x30 PDA was far inferior to this industrial strength model.

    GAMES - SPORE: the evolution in gaming?

  • official spore website

  • VideoBomb found a clip of the mindblowing gameplay of Spore. Will Wright talking at the Game Developer's Conference about 'Spore', which looks like it could possibly be the best video game ever. It's about 30 minutes long and fascinating.

    DESIGN - Lady Libery Jedi in Lego

  • nathan sawaya brick artist

  • Why? capture the essence of the New York based organization as well as their love for everything Star Wars that led to Lady Liberty weilding a lightsaber.

    TECH - create your own iPod Boombox

  • create your own iPod Boombox

  • You like Apple's new boomBox, but it's pricey. How do you make an iPod BoomBox for a fraction of the cost. With powered computer speakers found at a garage sale, duct tape and felt pads. I got tired of tripping on my headphone wire while doing work in the house listening to my iPod. After hearing about the new speaker that apple has, I thought it's be nice to have one for the house. But $349.00 is a little too steep for my pocket. So I decided to make my own. I created this tutorial so that you can be rocking the house in 20 minutes.


    TECH - Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library or House Of Gears


  • If you ever wanted to know the different kind of gears out there and how they interact, then start here. KMODDL is a collection of mechanical models and related resources for teaching the principles of kinematics--the geometry of pure motion. The core of KMODDL is the Reuleaux Collection of Mechanisms and Machines, an important collection of 19th-century machine elements held by Cornell's Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. In other words, it's a museum that collects gears and has a ton of sample clips showing impossibly confusing moving mechanical things. Many of which are shown via sample movie clips