FLASH GAME - Interactive Buddy v.1.02

  • Play Interactive Buddy.

  • Launch Interactive Buddy in your browser and you'll have at least 30 minutes of guaranteed lost productivity as you spend time unlocking all of it's bonus items. Clicking around causes the Buddy to react to what ever you throw at it, literally, baseballs, bowling balls, grenades, fireballs and more. The catch? Most of the items need to be purchased and you can earn money several ways at first. By tickling the buddy, but that does not earn you as many points as quickly as when you use the grenades. Sound sadistic? Sure. Sound Fun? You bet!


    VIDEO GAME - nanaca-crash

  • play nanaca-crash.

  • I first spotted this on a TV show called "cinimatech" on the kiddy video game cable channel, G4. It's an addictive Japanese flash game that has you launching some kid VIA chick-on-mountainbike across the landscape. the further you go, the cooler you are. You will bounce off the ground back up into the sky, and if your lucky, you will land on one of the characters that just stand there waiting for you to land on them, so they can give you a power boost VIA punch in the gut. A better description of the game is here. My best so far? 10,000 meters.


    TECH - SNOIL, A display based on Ferrofluid.

  • they call it Snoil.

  • 144 electromagnets plus Ferrofluid equals a dimensional display system where the magnetic fluid raises above the surface as tiny mountainous pixels.


    TECH - 15 year old documentory about INTERNET

    This jem found on Throw away your tv. With just a computer and a phone, you can connect to INTERNET! Check out this documentory of INTERNET, where there were not found screenfulls of "Go to hell!"

    VIDEO GAMES - OG (Original Gamers T-Shirt )

  • get one from jinx.

  • Jinx sells these. As with our other OG shirt (Original Geeks), we were hard-pressed to pick only four people. In the end, we went with Shigeru Miyamoto, Lord British, John Carmack, and Sid Meier.

    BIKE - xtracycle SUB (sports utility bike)

  • Reblogged from Cool Tools.

  • What happens when you extend the ass-end of your favorite mountain bike by about two feet? You get an Xtracycle. An awesome idea if you need a handy way to get the groceries home without spending a bundle on gas.

    "This kit transforms a regular bike into an SUB (sports utility bike) by extending back the rear wheel and adding a seat and baggage platform. I've had my SUB for two years now. I find it makes owning a car completely unnecessary! I've transported my folding kayak on it. I've taken my girlfriend and her Australian Blue Heeler on it. I've moved furniture. It's crazy how stable it is. In many ways I prefer how it handles to my regular bike! And for giving people tours around NYC people just LOVE it."


    ANIMATION - Open Source Animated Short

  • Elephants Dream

  • They made an animated short using open source software and tools. Then they gave it away on the internet. But that's not all, they also released the models and source files used to create the film so you can remake or unmake your own version. It's a bizarre story of an old man walking a younger man through an ever changing environment of machinery, wires and gears. I'm not sure what it all means, but it's certainly an impressive look into the future of open sourcery and the creative frontier.

    TECH - 12 tips for better e-mail etiquette

    There are some days I just can't get through the barage of work-related e-mail I receive. Check out this list of 12 tips for better e-mail etiquette from Microsoft Office Online. It's a great reminder of how to use email effectively and get your concise message through.

    1 - Be informal, not sloppy.

    2 - Keep messages brief and to the point.
    3 - Use sentence case.
    4 - Don't forget your job numbers in the subject header


    VIDEO GAMES - Super Mario Beat Box

  • Super Mario Beat Box.

  • A video whereas young Poizunus replaced the sound effects from a Super Mario game with the beat and the boxing.

    MUSIC - edit beatbox

  • Edit beatbox.

  • Animation student Lassegg makes up for his lack of beatboxing skills with manic video editing skills. Lassegg says "Trust me, my grampa is doing better beatboxing I possibly could when he's choking on his painkillers, sounds awesome!"

    MUSIC - beatbox

  • Rahzel M. Brown

  • A video with Rahzel talking a little about Beatboxing and his new album.

    Rahzel, born Rahzel M. Brown, is an American musician. He is a hip hop MC who specializes in beatboxing (he calls himself a 'vocal percussionist'). He is probably best known as a member of The Roots. He is also called "the Godfather of Noyze".

    AUTO - Peugeot concept car contest car built

  • Peugeot concept car contest car built.

  • The Peugeot Design Contest was the first major design contest to be held on the internet and it fuelled the imagination of designers all over the globe when it first hit in 2000. Here was an opportunity for a young designer with vision to bypass everything on the way to global acclaim – the winner received significant prizes and the ultimate reward was to have their concept produced as a working vehicle and featured on the Peugeot stand at the world’s premier motor show, the Frankfurt Show. This year the third Peugeot Design Contest saw AndrĂ© Costa carry off the first prize for his outrageous two-seater electric concept car, the Moovie.

    AndrĂ© Costa’s words that described the car went as follows: "What shaped the visual look on the vehicle was the two big electric wheels with a hollow rim, these wheels are hollow in the middle, this is where the doors of the car are located, the vehicle has like this big doors allowing the users to have enough space to enter and exit the vehicle." The link takes you to some impressive photos of the completed car.


    VIDEO GAME - Flash Game, Burping Cat.

  • Kekker Cat.

  • Imagine a platformer like Mario but instead of Mario, your a deformed cat. And instead of jumping on top of the enemies to knock them out, you burp and or poop on them. If your burping is good and your pooping is pure, then the enemies will get sick and pass out, clearing your way to victory. Space bar burps. Shift key poops. Arrow keys for left, right, jumping and ducks.

    VIDEO GAMES - The antique Vectrex

  • A Look Back, The Vectrex.

  • Techblog found this video of what Brian Jepson from make magazine said about the Vectrex. "This week is E3, so in the spirit of gaming, we’re going to do a bit of gaming coverage, of things not at E3, MAKE style, like this video from our very own Brian Jepson showing off the Vectrex, one of the most stunning systems in the history of gaming" I have one of these antique systems, so I can contest to the fact that it does take several attempts to insert a cartridge just right so it will play.


    PHOTO - bad photos make good desktops

  • desktop wallpapers.

  • I like to take random photos. A lot of them. Enough so that the percentage of the pictures that come out somewhat decent are somewhat acceptable. Then I save them for no good reason, but to take up space on my hardrive. Recently I had the realization that these random shots might make for good desktop wallpapers. So if your in need, you might want to consider one of these. I had 385 to upload onto flickr, but it only accepted 36 of them before my bandwidth allowance was used up. I will load up the next batch 30 days from now.

    WWW - make your blog a podcast... with robot voice!

  • feed2podcast.

  • Let's say you have a blog, like I do. Let's say you would like to get into podcasting, like I do. But then you realize you hate talking, like I do. Then you find a website that will have a robot read your blog postings and have them served up VIA podcasts for free as long as they get to plug their service at the end of each post because your too cheap to invest any money in your blog, like I am. Sign up, sit back and giggle as everything you type turns into machine accented audio files, like I do.

    To see an example of how it works, click on the "<)) Listen Now" link over there on the right. You can also subscribe to bloatedtrout using iTunes by clicking one of the two links below it.


    ROBOT - robots VIA Popular Electronics 1958

  • there are robots among us.

  • Modern Mechanix has 5 pages from an article about the furture of robots that ran back in 1958
    THE AGE OF SCIENCE has made the word “robot” the focus of popular fears and hopes. The hope is that machines with minds, machines that can talk, think, and work like men, will give everyone a life of leisure. The fear is that robots will replace mankind, that they might run amuck and destroy their masters, that the robots will get us if we don’t watch out. What was conceived as a work-saving machine has become the popular bogeyman of the age of science...


    OT - new dog

    a: normal dog.
    b: male dog.
    c: female dog.
    d: my dog.


    GAME - mario world gunman series Flash game

  • mario world gunman series

  • Play this game in your browser using the flash plugin. Your object is to defend your castle using an arsenal of weapons against wave after wave of Bowser's evil minions. Collect coins to buy ammunition and weapons upgrades. Attach turrets to the castle walls for assistance.

    MUSIC - Kong Country Music Reinterpreted, and Rearranged

  • DOWNLOAD - Kong In Concert

  • Free Music - 22 arrangements - Kong in Concert is a collaborative arrangement project born from the music of Donkey Kong Country and created for the purposes of reviving, reinterpreting, and rearranging its entire soundtrack with our combined talents, honoring those who originally composed it, and reawakening the nostalgia and love for a landmark videogame.

    GAMES - Classic Arcade Sound Archives

  • Classic Arcade Sounds

  • We recorded video games from 1982 until 1988. Fortunately I managed to save all fourteen audio tapes of video game sounds and arcade ambience which were recorded from a variety of locations in the U.S. Most of the recordings are from Ithaca, NY, Albany, NY, Lancaster, PA, Ocean City, MD as well as Key West, FL....
    Clips are in MP3 format. You need an MP3 player (such as WinAmp or MusicMatch Jukebox) or QuickTime to listen to them. Most files are less than 1mb.


    WEB - throwaway your tv @

  • throw away your

  • Lookit - Save your delicate plazma screen for those pirated DVDs. Unplug your crappy cable connection and tune in nightly to where every evening is a surprise clip from the outskirts of interest as a concerned Canadian documents the United States as it spins itself out of control. Whoop wooooooop!