NEWS - Where is that confounded bridge?!


  • "...Metal theft is a serious issue in Ukraine, where statues, wires and even sewage hatches have been stolen for sale as scrap.

    Just a week before the latest incident, it was reported that thieves had stolen an 11-metre steel bridge in western Ukraine, cutting a local town off from the outside world."



    this is how a major pharmaceutical company trims the fat...

    "Today we are implementing an involuntary separation program in the U.S. that will affect approximately 200 regular employees"


    FLASH - tutorials

  • Kirupa

  • Plenty of tutorials on flash 5, MX and even several Photoshop tutorials. I like this site since it has from beginner to advanced tips.


    WWW - Retro Techno Gizmo


  • Want to see what all the gadgets around today looked like 20 years ago? Gizmodo will show you.

    FLASH - Macromedia Components

  • Macromedia Components page

  • Macromedia lists several compnoents on thier site.

    WWW - New Scientist

  • new scientist

  • one of those science-type sites with news about new scientific stuff and stuff.

    GAMES - Emulation for OSX 10.2 or later

    Software: Emulation Richard rounded up some of the best emulatores for your mac. Want to run Virtual Boy games in 1950's 3D glasses mode? Sure you do!


    GRAPHICS - WhatTheFont :

  • WhatTheFont :

  • Working on a project but you just can't find the right font? No problem, this site will let you upload a sample and in in a few minutes, you'll have your answer as to what the F that font name is.

    GRAPHICS - Color scheme

  • Color scheme

  • You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but ya can't pick your friends nose. But this tricky page will aid you in picking colors for your designs.

    FLASH - are you looking for flash components?

  • Flash Components for you

  • Take a look at these. Small, compact and effective. Although there are not many, they are very useful. My favorite are zminimaltextbutton and zminimaltextslider. They are a slider and button set. They come seperate, but can be combined for some great effects. Don't forget to grab the preloader set. Also very handy.