TECH - a Web Word Processor that many can use at once

  • writely

  • If you like writing but can't afford a quality word processor because you dropped all your loot on bandwidth, then I would recommend Writely. It's a cross platform app that loads in from the web instead of your hardrive and two of my favorite features is it's free and that you can give access to your document by just adding them to a list. Once they have access, they can also modify the document. Great for group writing for stuff that requires such things.

    Official Description:
    · Nothing to download -- your browser is all you need.
    · Collaborate just by entering people's e-mail addresses.
    · Publish on the web or post to your blog with a click.
    · Pick exactly who can access your documents.
    · Upload from Word/OpenOffice & save to your desktop.
    · Edit your documents anytime, from anywhere.

    Would this be, how you say, "web 2.0"?


    TECH - Dreamstation Video Game Show podcast

  • Dreamstation

  • Todays STANLY is the Dreamstation Video Game Show. I've been meaning to blog this for a while now, but failed my last three attempts because of bad "copy/paste" skills. Since I've spent a lot of time trying to find a good quality video game show, I can honestly say that these guys are by far the best. It might be because they are all older than 13 but more than likely it's because they are well informed, do the show for fun, and have a great time doing it. Some of my favorite segments are the weekly rants on Florida Lawyer, video game opponent and all round nut-case, Jack Thompson, who they refer to as "Bumblefoot" (since they don't want to give him any more attention than he deserves) and another ongoing segment is "Video Game Death" where they report on how somewhere in the world, someone died a video game related death. There are also tons of inside jokes that carry over from week to week that just seem to get funnier each time you hear them. I'd write more but I have to go to Home Despot to pick up some felt padding, some duct tape and a torch wrench (don't ask)

    Official Description: The Video Game Show is a weekly podcast bringing you the latest PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PSP, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, PC, PS3, Nintendo Revolution, Xbox 360, and other video game news, reviews, interviews, rumors, rants, and more.

    Don't be a fool, subscribe and enjoy!

    MUSIC - sweet free album with PSP magazine download

  • Kill Your FM

  • "Kill Your FM" is an electronic 'zine for the PSP that covers new music. The benny is that you don't need a PSP to enjoy the free music that goes along with it. The mag is a series of images (JPEGS) but that can be read on any computer update: the images are formatted for the PSP to be read with the PSP turned on it's side, as a result, the images on your computer look sideways and the music (mp3) is holed up in a seperate folder that you can enjoy in any player. The tunes range from punk, hardcore, hip hop and more. Here's the official description for this issue:

    82 packed pages of quality music journalism and awesome aesthetics, including:

    -Interview w/ Derek Sivers, creator of
    -The Thieves: Prophets In The Cathedral Of Rock?
    -FM Killers: Pandora & 15 Megs Of Fame
    -1920’s Jazz vs. Modern Day Hardcore: More similarities than you think!
    -Happy Birthday! The MP3 Turns 10
    -A Popular Donkey, Episode III (and a whole lot more)

    And of course, excellent indie rock, hard rock, and hip hop tracks from the bands we feature! Free, and legal.

    I’ll let the issue do the rest of the talking. Major thanks to the entire staff for helping me crank this one out. Please enjoy, and leave feedback!

    download and enjoy!


    TECH - podcasts - ANCESTOR podio book


  • After speaking to a bunch of folks about podcasting, I've discovered that the biggest problem people have with this new medium is finding good quality podcasts to listen to. I've decided to start bloggin the podcasts I've found and really like. I'll call this, the Podcasts I Really Like or STANLY for short". Todays STANLY is ANCESTOR! it's a podiobook read by the author, Scott Sigler. A sci-fi thriller about biotech gone terribly wrong. It starts off with a bunch of scientists trying to home grow organs for those in need of a replacement, then it quickly turns into Alien with cows. The science is deep but not baffling and the pace is zippy, even in the slow sections. He releases a chapter once a week, every Sunday or Monday night. and each chapter times out to be about 45 minutes long. Subscribe and enjoy.


    ANIMATION - Spidy Battles Doc Oc in legovision (stop animation)

  • Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock (2004)

  • This is possibly the best, if not only, lego stop motion animation I've witnessed to date. The comedy that comes across with these lego blocks is quite amazing and the the shots are simply cinematic. The accompanying music is also excellent. Done by Spite Your Face Productions Ltd, commisioned by Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios/The Lego Group to accompany the release of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2. Watch Spidey and doc Oc battle it out in a giant New York City made of legos!

    VIDEO GAMES - real life video interpretation of mortal kombat

  • Mortal Kombat LA PELICULA

  • These two knuckle-heads did an excellent job of recreating the classic Mortal Kombat video game in real life video, sans game, complete with floaty power bars and faux fatality!


    VIDEO GAMES - Play PSP online with Tunneling Software

  • Tunneling Into PSP

  • IGN explains "Tunneling, for those who have never had to resort to desperate measures in order to play great multiplayer games like the first Halo or Mario Kart: Double Dash online, is a system where a home PC acts as a middleman between your game system and the internet. It intercepts from the game the LAN (or, in this case, wireless LAN) signal on the PC and sends it across the internet to another player using the same tunneling software for his game. With such a system, players would be able to unofficially play any multiplayer PSP title with WiFi LAN multiplayer online against any other player with the same system. Kai (the XLink software) even features a buddy list and other features for finding other tunneled players to game against. It's not quite the same as the online plan that Sony's hoping to use (the official solution would allow players to play anywhere, since their servers would be hosting the game -- with tunnels, players would have to be near or in WiFi range of their LAN-running computer with the tunnel software), but it's worked with other consoles in the past, and as of this writing, there isn't much reason to expect tunneling with PSP not to work."

    Ken Edwards says"Not only is there a Windows Kai client, but they have Mac OSX Terminal and GUI versions as well. "

    Ken's article has the links necessary to get you started. Mac users be forwarned, unless you have an Airport Extreme to make it all work, your boned.