OT - Scarekid

We made a scare kid to keep the neighborhood whipper snappers from smashing our pumpkin (not shown)


HALLOWEEN - Speed Racer: Racer X Costume

  • Speed Racer: Racer X Muscle Costume (ADULT)

  • i've got nothing to say

    TECH - OSX, album covers for your tunes in iTunes

  • Fetch-Art-for-iTunes

  • Fetch Art for iTunes is a small program that will fetch album art for one or more songs using Amazon's XML interface, allow you to preview the art that was found, and add the art you want to iTunes. The program is controlled through the iTunes Script menu: once it is installed, album art can be downloaded by selecting one or more songs in iTunes and choosing "Fetch Art" from the Script menu.

    TECH - get off the phone with these online pre recorded effects

  • sorry, gotta go!

  • saw this on rocketboom. Sorrygottago is a site that has a slew of sound effects that will get you off the phone with that chatterbox on the other line.

    ART - make skins and get paid

  • DecalGirl 10 percent

  • If you have some design skills, you could potentially earn a couple of extra bucks creating designs to be put on high quality skins which in turn get put on console games, macs and iPods. Decalgirls, creators of said said skins, says "We're actively looking for talented artists to work with to develop new and exclusive skin designs for all major consoles. If your artwork is used on one or more of our skins, we'll pay you a 10% royalty (via PayPal) on any sales of the items and provide a special "gallery" URL for you to use to promote your designs. a twelve dollar skin will get you a cool dollar twenty.

    TECH - iPod nano accessories

  • iPod nano cases roll out in force

  • An article by playlistmag has thoroughly rounded up a bunch of iPod nano cases for preventing the cute little irresistible bastards from getting all scratched up. Funky cloud cases (not shown above) green grassy textured cases, (shown above) and the article even links off to a bendy-man case, (not shown above) Links galore all up ins. If you have a nano-nano, it's well worth a read.

    VIDEO GAMES - Jack Thompson, AKA Bumblefoot, under investigation

  • Jack Thompson

  • LOL I called the FBA, and I was on hold for 20 minutes, and once I got a rep, as soon as I said Jack Thompson, she sighed loudly and goes, "Dear Lord, what has this man done? That's all we've heard today all day long!" and I told her that I had faxed a 3 page letter detailing the exact complaint, and she said that it would help alot and she will go get the fax. I'm on hold again. Awesome.

    What's all the hub-ub about? Read this ...

    Anti-game activist Jack Thompson under investigatio

    OT - wilma and cauncun

    The good news is my moms got word out that she's ok, the bad news, her town is pretty banged up. The coming weeks will tell just how bad the devastation in. With that said, on with the posts.


    FONTS - 4 free 4 u

  • free fonts from matt

  • plenty of fonts for you to download for free. at least 20. nice hand written ones too.

    INTERVIEW - Rob Kurzweil "singularity to happen by 2045"

  • Kurzweil

  • a new book called "The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology" , claims that the inexorable pace of technological development and its exponential growth will usher in the Singularity by 2045.

    VIDEO GAMES - PSP leather case

  • meritline

  • Cows are happy to know that their unwanted, soft, supple flesh will be used to wrap your PSP keeping it looking scuff free and new. Features a stylish but practical design.

    WEB - holloweens decroations instructions

  • Imagineering

  • spoooooooookey decorations to scare your neighbors out of their pants and into their hearts with these lovingly terrifying homebrew decorations. Spread the joy.


    VIDEO GAMES - Video game aesthetics

  • Video game aesthetics

  • a page full of gaming screenshots. attached to the page is an article about those screenshots. the article is long.

    ROBOT - DARPA challenge is won, $2 million goes to Stanford

  • DARPA challenge completed

  • DARPA challenge, (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is a 130 mile race through the Nevada desert by autonomous vehicles. Meaning no drivers, no remote controls. This is the second year the competition was held. In all, 23 autonomous vehicles went head-to-head over 130 miles of tough desert roads, mountain trails, dry lake beds and tunnels, using only onboard sensors and navigation equipment with no human assistance. These 23 vehicles were selected from a field of 195 teams through a series of qualifying races. Stanford took the race in 6 hours, 53 minutes, 8 seconds. Quite an accomplishment since no robot made it more than 7 miles from the starting line just last year.


    VIDEO GAMES - Virtual Reality Sphere

  • virtusphere

  • If I had a large amount of money socked away in offshore bank accounts, I'd empty them out just so I could buy one of these. Imagine fragging friends and getting exercise at the same time! Put the 3d virtual headset and climb inside this sphere, and it would be like walking on a treadmill, only you have a full 360 degrees of movement. The user wears a head-mounted display, which provides the virtual environment. Sensors under the sphere provide subject speed and direction to the computer running the simulation. Users can even interact with objects in virtual space using a special manipulator. sweet!

    TECH - MAC key commands at your fingertips

  • keycue

  • If you use a MAC, you can certainly use this. It's a simple little app that's activated by holding down the Command Key. It'll pull up all of the key commands for whatever program you are currently using. Pretty Neat.

    WEB - google easter egg

    google "failure" and click "i'm feeling lucky" thanks chriz

    ANIMATION - Robot Love

  • Starblazers

  • Starblazers was a cartoon from the early 70's about a revamped battleship on a quest to save the earth. I used to catch most episodes after school, but for some reason, I don't remember ever seeing this. IQ9 and Nova share an intimate moment while captured by the inhabitants of Beeland. One of IQ9's most heart-wrenching performances!

    DESSERT - horrific jello molds

  • Watch it squiggle

  • Mmmmmmmm... Brains! Who doesn't want the ability to gnaw on a gelatinous berry flavored brain? I know I do. And when I get a hankering for some wiggly turkey jello, I whip out my "SKS Sibley Co." demented body part molds. Perfect for the holidays and the the attention to detail is mouth-watering.

    Been Busy

    I've been pretty busy, as you can imagine, ever since we returned from vacation. So with no further ado, bizarre links...