WEB - MySpace Friends Private Status Hacked!

Simple Hack to view all comments on a private Myspace profile | Help For Beginners

Thought your "private" myspace comments were really private? Well think again! This simple code lets ANYONE view all the comments on your PRIVATE profile. With a simple variation you can also view "private" pictures.

Digg-poster Kevgig nailed it when he wrote: "There is nothing private about the internet, period. Just goes to show that if there are parts of your life that you do not want to share with the world, keep it to yourself."

It appears this hack is restricted to friends seeing others friends private info. Even so, this is a major security flaw and if not fixed immediately, could spell disaster for MySpace AND some friendships.  Hahahahahahahahahaha!

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TECH - Writely, google's web based word processor launched

Welcome to Writely

Writely, the web word processor from Google says.

Can I ... upload from Word? YES!
Can I ... save to my desktop? YES!
Can I ... publish on the web? YES!
Can I ... post on my blog? YES!

Writely was purchased by Google some time ago and is now poised to do for document creating what Gmail did for email. To take the application off of your desktop and make it web accessible. You can also share a document with a group for collaborative editing. Read up on the terms of service when deciding how personal you want to make your documents.


WEB - Web2.0 Logo Creator

Web2.0 Logo Creator by Alex P


Create your own WEB 2.0 logo with this automatic WEB 2.0 generator. Even has the obligatory "BETA" burst as an option.

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TECH - Conceal Your Web Surfing From Prying Eyes?


Hahahah. For those of you for whom research on the tubes is shunned upon at the workplace, then I recommend you try "WorkFriendly". It masks the content of your most favorite page as a Word document.

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Doug Engelbart: The Demo

"Doug Engelbart giving the "mother of all Demos"

Watch as the computer mouse is introduced, back in December of 1968

SPACEPORT - New Mexico spaceport unveils new name

Goodbye Southwest Regional Spaceport. Hello Spaceport America.

New Mexico officials planned to unveil the new name Monday for a proposed $225 million space hub where British billionaire Sir Richard Branson hopes to send paying tourists on suborbital flights.

The previous name was a mouthful to pronounce and didn't reflect the cutting-edge vision of the project, said New Mexico Economic Development Secretary Rick Homans. - New Mexico spaceport unveils new name

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TECH - Program for mac users to remap keys on your keyboard



DoubleCommand is software for Mac OS X (a kernel extension) that lets you remap keys, in other words change the way your keyboard works. Often used to make a PC keyboard more comfortable with a Mac, swapping the Alt (Option) and Windows (Command or Apple) keys, since they are in swapped positions on Mac and PC keyboards. DoubleCommand is a quick and easy way to fix this if you use a PC keyboard with your Mac.

I bought a spill-proof PC keyboard for my mac recently (since I went through three non-spill-proof keyboards recently) and this software works great. I can see windows switchers using this to make the transition from win-dose to mac more comfortable by remapping the mac keybord keys back to what they are used to on a windose keyboard.

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VIDEO GAMES - Program your own xbox360 games!

NexTechNews - Microsoft to allow 360 "Homebrew" well ... kinda.


XNA Game Studio Express, a set of (dumbed-down) development tools that will allow hobbyists and their ilk to develop games for both the Xbox 360 and the PC. Initially, these homebrew (is it still considered "homebrew" if you're using official tools?) games will only be playable to other coders part of a so-called "Creator's Club," a nice way to say that Microsoft will charge you $99 for a one-year subscription to play such games.

Still, $99 to play as many games as you like and the chance to develop your own with like minded folks? Don't sound so bad to me. I would even consider getting a PC for that.

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TECH - Easily Create and Share Customized Google Maps

Show Me Where: Easily Create and Share Google Maps.

Need to make your own custom google map? With "ShowMeWhere", you can

  • Drop markers or draw lines.
  • Annotate markers or lines with any HTML you want.
  • Send your map in an email, or host map on your website.
  • Open your map directly in Google Earth.

Show Me Where is a point-and-click interface to creating customized Google Maps. Want to place a marker on a map? Just click there. simple stuff.

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TECH - Space Ship Builder Guru Burt Rutan talks about His Plans for Space Tourism

At ScaledComposites—home of the privately financed and built SpaceShipOne that made atrio of piloted suborbital flights in 2004 under the rubric of Tier 1—thefabrication of a fleet of passenger-carrying space planes and huge carrierlaunch planes is underway. This activity is labeled Tier 1b.

Burt Rutan,head of the firm, is chief design maestro leading a spaceliner workforce. Whilehe’s not about to roll out blueprints or show you factory floor hardware, hegave this reporter a squat down, legs folded, but relaxing beanbag chairinterview in his office to discuss the business of public space travel.

What does visionary space frontiersman say about his planned fleet of space tourism crafts?

“I’d loveto be working on going to the Moon. I’m doing this really because I don’t thinkI can convince a funder to go out and invest in an orbital system that we’renot sure would work.”...

...Along withlots of windows, a close second on the “must have” checklist is for customersto experience weightlessness. A person in SpaceShipTwo will feel just fourminutes of freefall, so having a great big cabin is extremely important, Rutanpointed out, “to be able to stretch out your arms and legs and float around.”

“Theimpression you get is that it’s important to know why you’re floating, so youneed windows. You want to fly…you don’t want to be strapped in. And toexperience weightlessness in shirtsleeve is important, not being bothered witha pressure suit or tied down to a cable or having a helmet on,” he said.

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Robot - No legs and no wheels, this robot balances on a ball

Its designers hope Ballbot will be able to interact with humans more easily (Image: CMU)
The tall, thin robot, called Ballbot, sits on top of a ball, which it controls using a pair of rollers. Balance sensors feed information to an onboard computer. This continually moves the ball to make sure it is always under the robot's centre of gravity. Ballbot can also move in any direction, and regain its balance after a push, by making minor adjustments to the ball beneath it.
Click through for cool video clips

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TECH - How to Build a Panoramic Tripod Head for $10 tutorial

Panoramic heads can be very expensive – in the $300 to $500 range for “name brand” heads. Several designs for closer to $100 are available on the web, but look a tad on the flimsy side.

Building your own panoramic head for an SLR isn’t too hard or expensive. The parts for the design shown here cost about $10. Every part here is available at a store like Home Depot.

Once you get past some of the misinformation out there, the only really hard part is figuring out the dimensions. The downside is that the mount is only useful for a specific camera/lens combo. On the other hand, you can’t mistakenly mess up one of the critical adjustments once you’ve built it, and the homemade mount is as light as a couple small pieces of wood.

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