VIDEO - kennedy sings, "your mamma"

  • yourmama

  • This video is chock full of shiney, mamma lovin' discoballs and catchy lyrics. "Nobody loves you like your mamma loves you. But who's loving your mamma? I am! I am!"

    Thanks hatch for letting me know the link was broke. I fixed it and now you can enjoy the show, BTW, it's a quicktime movie and if you like the vid, check out the reel from the director to see the other cool stuff he's worked on. Also, here's a link to the official Kennedy website


    CULTURE - One Man Star Wars acted out by one man

  • one man doing all of star wars

  • Charlie Ross is performing a condensed version of the Star Wars trilogy. If you saw star wars a gazillion times, then and you will enjoy the above linked video snippet from his performance. He maniacally acts out everyones character from the choice scenes of the movies. He'll be will be appearing in Lamb's Theatre (130 W. 44th Street, New York, NY) From Aug 2nd to Oct 31st.


    TECH - subway maps for your iPod color

  • iPod iSubway iMaps

  • If you have a color iPod, and you get lost on the subway a lot, then why don't you download the damn iPod subway maps, suckuh! take your pick, Boston, MA - Chicago, IL - New York, NY - San Francisco, CA - Washington, DC - and of course, Hong Kong.

    ANIMATION - giant steps, coltrain animated

  • Giant STEPS

  • If this animation was only a little not-as-good, it would be completely and utterly amazing. Michal Levy took a classic jaz song "Giant Steps" by John Coltraine and applied some of the coolest visuals to a song I've ever seen. "Coltrane made a major break through with his album "Giant Steps" in the year 1959. It was the first time in the history of Jazz music that someone based his music on symmetrical patterns, which stemmed from a mathematical division of the musical scale.


    WWW - Rap Song Translations

  • Rap Translations

  • I like rap music much to my fiances dismay. But I don't have time to keep up on all of the new terminology that seems to arise on each and every new popular tune that comes out. Thank god then for the Rap Translation pages. These folks take popular rap songs and explain them line by line often with hilarious results.
    90, 90% grind, 10, 10% sleep. (x3) I grind so much that I hardly get sleep.
    If my day’s schedule were broken into a pie chart totaling 100%, 90% of the chart would be devoted to grinding (To perform whatever action necessary to acquire money; To sell illicit drugs.). A mere 10% would be devoted to the minimalist amount of sleep. To reinforce this fact, I will repeat it a total of 3 times during this song.

    TECH - the many different ways of shooting rubber bands

  • Rubber Warfare

  • As far as the cutting-edge bandohistorians know, rubber band shooting started only a few decades after the first half-decent rubber bands were manufactured. It was a boon to mischievous kids: the worries of the slingshot were gone. You could easily conceal the weapon, you didn't have to load it up before shooting, and the number of delivery methods provided effective warfare in any situation. Learn techniques such as the Pistol, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Jaeger Rifle, Mini-Crossbow, Sniper Rifle, Semiautomatic Sniper Rifle, Bazooka, Spear and my favorite, the Semiautomatic Pistol. The Semiautomatic Pistol method allows you to shoot up to 6 rubber bans in double fisted rapid succession.

    GAME - doom on the iPod

  • iDoom

  • If you own an iPod, you probably already know that some brainiacs have gotten a rough version of doom to run on it. If your serious about running this, it looks like your going to have to jump through a couple of hoops since the download page states... You'll need to build podzilla because Microwindows and libjpeg are required deps of nxdoom. It is playable on the Ipod photo. It "works" on 1-4G's and Mini 1G/2G

    WWW - dynamic vacation packing list

  • Universal Packing List

  • Going on vacation always catches me off guard. I'm always forgetting things that I need to bring along only to have to pick them up for twice the amount at the tourist traps after I realize I forgot them. Not this year though, The Universal Packing List generates a custom packing list for any journey. Using a series of drop-downs, you specify what type of vacation it is and where your going, and it spits out a list of stuff you need to bring along as well as stuff you should do before you go, including what types of inoculations your going to need if your going to jungle country

    GAME - PocketQuake for the pocket PC

  • pocket quake

  • I've been running Pocket quake on my Dell Axim and it runs pretty smooth. The load time isn't too bad even though I have it stored on my storage card. It even plays smoothly in landscape mode. The control takes some getting used to since I have to look around using the stylus on the screen while running and shooting using the directional button. Right now I'm just using the demo version, but If I do register, randall schleufer has created three custom maps which feature a low polycount, bright lighting, new textures and an easily navigable floorplan specifically for portable playing. It should improve performance. I'm curious to see how much of an improvement there is since I don't notice a performance hit using the default demo maps as it is.


    WWW - Evolution of the icon in Graphical User Interfaces (GUI!)

  • gooooey

  • Marcin Wichary covers 22 years of icon evolution. Covering 21 interfaces from 1981's Xerox Star, (never heard of it), to BeOS Zeta, (never heard of that either). It goes into massive detail of various icon properties such as size, style and number of colors. Great article if you remember the good-ol-days when it took three cups of coffee and a cigarette just to save a file across 9 floppies.

    WWW - Podscope searches through podcasts with voice recognition!

  • Search Podcasts with Podscope

  • A search engine for podcasts! Type your word, then podscope
    rips through and finds podcasts that contain your word using voice recognition. Then it generates a listing of small flash files with a quick sound sample so you can decide if you want to download the entire podcast or not.


    FLASH - Word Count counts popularity of words

  • Word Count

  • Word Count counts popularity of words and puts them in a looooooooooooong sliding list of descending popularity. It's a sight to behold. ("behold" ranks #19,634 out of 86,800 words in the list)


    CULTURE - combine demolition derby!

  • Combine demolition derby

  • Lind, Washington, SATURDAY, June 10, 2006 - Time to be determined, possibly 2:00 or 4:00. If watching guys crash their cars into each other is entertaining, then watching guys crash their combines into each other must be at least fours times as entertaining since they are four times as big and BONUS, they have deadly spiraling steel blades of death aggressively attached to the front of these horrific mechanical monsters. If you want to enter your combine, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid drivers license, oh, and a spare combine you won't mind getting a bit dinged up.

    GAME - arcade console panel art and more

  • Arcade Art

  • I've finally gotten serious and decided to move ahead and start amassing the parts I need to build my own arcade machine. I just landed a bangin' 20" monitor and now all I have to do is get EVERYTHING else. One nice thing I found is a site dedicated to old arcade cabinet art with bezels, logos, fonts, character art, instruction cards and more. A lot of the art has been redrawn in vector format so you can resize it as needed. A nice resource for the home arcade enthusiast indeed.

    FLASH - faithful reproduction of Space Invaders

  • space invaders

  • Neave has some very nice flash. He also happens to have one of the coolest borders I've ever seen on a site. He's created a pretty faithful reproduction of the 1978 classic Space Invaders built entirely in flash 5. It's a simple game with simple graphics, but it has one of the most vital assets for any computer game — game-play. Modern games seem to forget this with their fancy "3D graphics" and "millions of dollars". All you need is a pointy green thing which shoots white stuff at a rampaging invasion of wobbling blobs. They don't make 'em like they used to.

    FLASH - a collection of cute kids games

  • pfizer kids

  • Here's a collection of cute kid games for your cute kids to play with. For ages 1 to 7, they have matching games, jigsaw puzzles plus 8 more that should keep the little whipper snappers entertained for at least an hour.